Wax stick
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Wax stick

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It can be used on Wigs and Natural Hair.

DIRECTIONS: Twist the lid off, push the bottom base of the wax stick from bottom up, apply the wax directly to the hair, or rub a generous amount of wax on your fingers and apply on your hair, proceed to style.

Our Styling Wax Stick is all you need for a sleek finish and keeping those flyaways down without the white build-up.

By Xikhovha collection

Ricinus communis.
Hidrogenated castor oil.
Sorbitan stearate fragrance.
BHT, benzyl benzoate.
Benzyl salicylate.
Citronellol, coumarin, geraniol.
Limonene, linalool

1-Apply your wax to your roots and/or ends (if necessary).
Be sure to start with a small amount, and more it needed.
2-wax can also be used to tame fly aways, and add shine to your hair.

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